Repairs and new installations/ground works & installations

Repairs and new installations/ground works & installations

Should it be required our groundworks operatives will carry out an in-depth survey of the drainage with the latest in CCTV drain survey equipment, this will allow us to identify the problem exactly and pinpoint the location should an excavation be required.

After identifying the issue, we will then proceed in proposing a solution for repairing or replacing the broken drains.

Should an excavation be required all necessary plant and safety equipment will be provided. Once the excavation is completed the surface i.e. tarmac, paving slabs, block paving or turf will be put back to the same standards the job began with.

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Manholes may require repair due to old age or subsidence which causes the benching around the manhole to breakaway and cause blockages.

Most of these problems can be easily repaired without interruption by rebuilding the benching and re-sealing the tier. Brick manholes also require attention every now and then. The rendering inside can become brittle overtime and parts may fall into the channelling causing blockages. We can also clean and clear blocked manholes using water jetting

We also replace old and broken manhole covers to prevent leakage from the surface.

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