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Septic Tanks emptying and maintaining

A&J Aqua Jet provides a low cost waste removal services for domestic and commercial customers. We operate 24/7 365 days a year.  When you need to arrange for your septic tank to be emptying in a timely manner or in an emergency situation

We also provide service maintenance plans. A report including pictures is provided to our customer. Service maintenance plans are carried out according to the needs of our customers. For more details please call our friendly team on 0808- 595 9524.

We carry out repairs and new installations of septic tanks, pipework and Soakaway. 

Check out our repairs and installations page.  

What is a Septic Tank?

Septic Tanks exist where main sewers are not present and can be found mainly in rural areas. The septic tanks collect and store sewage solids using chemicals that break down waste. When broken down, the remaining liquid passes through the outlet pipe to a Soakaway, ditch or other. When the storage gets full, the septic tank must be cleaned and pumped.

Maintenance: Have the tank emptied on a regular basis. Make sure the outlet has a t-piece (dipper pipe) installed to stop solid debris going down to the soak away and eventually blocking it up. Do not connect any rain or surface water drainage into the tank. Have the pump (if fitted) checked & cleaned on a regular basis to ensure good operation.

How Often to Empty your Septic Tank?

You should have your septic tank emptied frequently depending upon the level of use. As a general rule of thumb, our customers arrange their septic tank emptying approximately every 6 months.

This will vary depending on a number of factors, which include the size of the septic tank, the number of people living in your property and special occasions where you have a number of guests.

Excessive water entering the septic tank from leaky taps or cisterns can cause problems and torrential rain could overload your drainage field and stop your septic tank from discharging.

IMPORTANT: Information to customers

2020 Septic Tank Regulations:

New rules were introduced in 2015 by the government for septic tanks, they aim to end the practice of septic tanks discharging directly into a local watercourse such as a river or stream.

These rules are designed to reduce the level of pollution from sewage in watercourses.

Septic tanks that discharge into watercourses must be replaced or upgraded by 1 January 2020, or when you sell your property if it is before this date.

Systems can be replaced by connecting to a mains sewer (where available), installing a drainage field (soakaway) or replacing with a sewage treatment plant. We also provide a full range of groundwork services, from locating and repairing broken or collapsed drainage to the design and provision of a complete drainage sewage system or soakaways.


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